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ARÇ - English

 What is ARÇ?

ARÇ (Afette Rehber Çevirmenlik) is a volunteer organization launched for the purpose of rendering interpreting services to foreign SAR teams and other relief organizations in a disaster situation. After the tragic experiences of the earthquakes of August 17th and November 12th in the northwest of Turkey, many interpreters felt the need for such an organization in order to provide the urgently needed communication between foreign teams, local authorities and people in an efficient way. ARÇ operates under the umbrella of Çeviri Dernegi (The Association of Translation in Turkey).

How does ARÇ work?

ARÇ members are mobilized in case of a big earthquake or any other disaster situation that would necessitate foreign assistance to Turkey. The volunteers reach the disaster management centres or the airports where they will meet and assist the foreign teams. There is a protocol signed with the Governorship of Istanbul which authorizes ARÇ organization and members to work as volunteers within the official disaster management structure in cooperation with the civil defence personnel.

What kind of training do ARÇ members receive?

 In addition to being fluent in a foreign language, the volunteers are expected to have a certain level of knowledge about how things work or do not work in a disaster situation. Thus, they receive 30 hours of civil defence training where they learn the basics of search and rescue operations. They also have first-aid training and seminars in different disciplines that would enable them to understand and work better in relief operations after the disaster. During the training there is also terminology and interpreting practice in the foreign languages of ARÇ candidates (mainly English, German and French). The last step includes scenario exercises within ARÇ and also in co-operation with other local SAR teams and relief organizations.

How to contact ARÇ:

Tel: +90 533 683 37 64

Fax: +90 212 217 94 02


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